Introducing the Patented LIFT™ Crating System

St. Marys Box Company announces the LIFT™ Crating System,
the latest evolution of their patented PennyPincher Pallet.

Our new "Wrap Top" Decking design is stronger and more cost effective than previous heavyweight decking materials.

The runners of our corrugated pallets are key to its design and structural capabilities. In addition, our runners are sold separately in varying heights and widths to support or cushion other products.

Since corrugated materials have cushioning properties, the Pallet actually minimizes transit vibration and other shocks that are incurred during shipping.

We can customize the LIFT™ Crating System using chemically enhanced papers and water resistant adhesives.

A customized, water resistant LIFT™ Crating System will eliminate your worries about wet docks, rainy ports or damp warehouses.

Corrugated weighs less than wood. The LIFT™ Crating System's lightweight characteristics will lead to reduced fuel consumption, in turn reducing shipping and freight costs.

The lightweight feature makes them perfectly suited for air freight, and, when shipping internationally, the LIFT™ Crating System is exempt from the IPC, RESY, the European union and many other export regulations.

Manufactured from 100% corrugated, the LIFT™ Crating System does not use any wood in its construction.

The one piece, lightweight unit is comprised of a recyclable shipping container directly attached to the LIFT™ Pallet.

All of the wood free components of the Crate System fit inside the compressed unit until ready for assembly.

The materials used in the LIFT™ Crating System are 100% recyclable, re-pulpable, and environmentally safe.

All the components of the LIFT™ Crating System can be tossed by hand into a compactor for recycling.

Recycling reduces end-user disposal costs and cuts waste in landfills.

Lightweight Innovative Freight Technology

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The LIFT™ Crating System is composed of a wood free, recyclable shipping container directly attached to a LIFT™ pallet. When compressed, the container can be as small as 11" high yet hold an expanded unit measuring 60" high. The LIFT™ Crating System has many practical features such as all the components of the system fit neatly inside the compressed unit awaiting assembly. They are shipped flat (compressed), reducing storage requirements, then expanded when you need them. The crates are easy for you to fill as the walls of the crate can be placed independently.

LIFT Crating System Line Art

The LIFT™ Crating System is customized to your exact specifications for size, weight and packaging requirements. The interior of the crate can be customized with pads and partitions. Everything in the LIFT™ Crating System is environmentally friendly making it easy to recycle thereby reducing disposal costs.

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Download LIFT™ Crate Presentation

Be sure to download our LIFT™ Crate Presentation which contains all of the information on this site in a easy to print out form for your future reference.

Lightweight - The weight of a standard 48" x 40" LIFT™ Pallet is only 10 pounds.
Innovative - The runners of our corrugated pallets are key to its structural capabilities.
Freight - When shipping internationally, it is exempt from many export regulations.
Technology - A standard four-runner pallet can withstand a 10,000 lb. static load test.




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